Speaking Topics

Making Adversity Work For You

You are stronger than you know. Just like a bodybuilder cannot build muscle without resistance, you cannot increase your faith without enduring adversity. Successful people handle adversity differently than most. They make it work for them. In this presentation, Karen KG Gardner will help you and your audience:

  • Appreciate the gift of adversity and how it can strengthen your faith muscle making you unstoppable.

  • Reframe adversity by changing how you think about it and shift from negative to positive energy attracting what you desire.

  • Learn how to outlast adversity with the "attitude of gratitude."

You already have everything inside of you that you need to leverage adversity and make it work in your favor, so you are stronger and better.

Thinking Like A Winner

How do you change the way you have been thinking when it is no longer working for you? Scientific studies prove successful people think, speak and act differently than the average person. In this presentation, Karen KG Gardner will help you and your audience:

  • Identify and replace “stinking thinking” with "superpower thinking." 

  • Use meditation to transform your thinking and rule your world.

  • Reprogram your mind so you attract success.

Karen will share activations that you can do anywhere to master thinking like a winner that gets results.

No Fear Here!

Are you tired of fear holding you back from manifesting your dreams into reality? Then it is time to shift from fear to love to faith and dominate life's circumstances. In this presentation, Karen KG Gardner will help you and your audience:

  • Identify the root of fear and evict it.

  • Learn a proven process to replace fearful thoughts with victorious ones. 

  • Live in perfect peace despite life's inevitable challenges.

Karen will show you how to evict fear from your soul and keep it underfoot so you experience peace, joy and confidence no matter what. 

Selling with Soul Power: How To Attract New Clients with Ease & Joy

Does the thought of selling turn you off? Have you had a bad experience with a pushy salesperson? Alternatively do you think that to be good at selling, you have to be an extrovert or possess unusual charm? In this presentation, Karen“KG” Gardner will shatter common myths about selling and help you and your audience:

  • Learn to sell with “soul power” by focusing on having a conversation with your prospects and ideal clients from your heart, instead of giving them a presentation from your head.

  • Understand key steps of the selling process and save time and money by qualifying your prospects, so you sign up your ideal clients.

  • Craft your own soul power-infused sales conversation, so you confidently lead your prospects to signing up with you.  

  • Get comfortable with overcoming common objections that will have your prospects calling you to sign up.


Karen will provide checklists and tip sheets to help you integrate the “Selling With Soul Power” system into your business so you can start attracting more new ideal clients today.