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Click here to get your FREE 30-minute Strategy Call. 

Hey there, I'm Karen "KG" Gardner aka as Coach KG, the business growth, sales and leadership expert. I'm also a wife, mother, grandmother, speaker, author, minister, dancer, runner, sister and friend. I'm so glad you dropped by. 

When it comes to business and life I'm passionate about helping businesses and entrepreneurs, salespeople and leaders overcome the fear of speaking to sell to fulfill their purpose and destiny through entrepreneurship, which means getting more confidence, clients and cash. Nothing happens until you sell your solution. 


Mastering the skills of speaking and selling is a must if you want a successful business. At Rocket 2 Freedom, we specialize in helping our clients and customers speak and sell naturally based on their personality and style.  

If you would like to master the fear of speaking and selling to grow, click here to set up a 30-minute complimentary Strategy Call. 

As a certified Personal, Executive and Leadership Coach, and Business Growth, Sales and Life Strategist, nothing is more fulfilling than to launch you deeper into success. ​That's why I call Rocket 2 Freedom Consulting, a motivational company birthed in my heart in 2011 during a divine disruption, "your launching pad to success." 


We help entrepreneurs, speakers, coaches, consultants, authors, educators, ministers, military wives and veterans, sales professionals, and thought-leaders (that are not techy) sell themselves and their products and services to serve their "right-fit" clients and customers.  


If you're ready to stop dipping your toe in the water and dive deeper into your business destiny by amplifying your speaking and selling to promote your products and services, click here to get your FREE 30-minute Strategy Call. ​ Taking this small action step could change your business and life forever!


Coach KG 


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