I'm passionate about ...


  • Guiding you to navigate life's seasons through prayer and biblical principles to stay on track to achieve your goals.

  • Empowering you to replace negative limiting beliefs with the mental toughness of champions.

  • Launching you (and some smart men too) deeper into fulfilling your purpose and destiny by designing your own personal destiny map. 


This is why I started  Rocket 2 Freedom, A Motivational Company. It is your "launching pad to success".


We empower emerging and seasoned faith-based entrepreneurial, creative women and men to blast through obstacles to achieve their goals.


We activate our clients who are mostly faith-based speakers, coaches, authors, educators, business and ministry leaders, entrepreneurs, military wives, sales professionals and thought-leaders (that are not techy) to launch their own freedom-based businesses, books, events or promotion to create generational wealth.

You will defeat fear, procrastination, perfectionism and other negative emotions in our positive environment so you stop just talking and birth your dream into reality. 


We provide interactive, targeted training, prayer-driven personal development coaching, accountability, resources, tools as well as Do-It-For-You (DIFY) and Do-It-With-You (DIWY) services to launch YOU to success according to your definition!




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