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Before I started working with Pastor Karen Gardner I was very negative, depressed dealing with fear of success, bound to a poverty mindset and unsure of who I was. After connecting with Pastor Karen, I’ve flourished into a strong intercessor and a confident business woman who maintains a wealthy, healthy lifestyle! She’s a unique, nurturing world-changer, purposed to empower millions of lives sent from heaven!”

— Ryan Harding, Caterer, Pastry Chef & Nanny


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Dive right into our virtual Destiny Force Mentoring Ecourse, a  series of Masterclasses taught by Coach KG, who is also a Pastor, Prayer Teacher, Author, Award-winning Sales Pro and Motivational Speaker, to clarify your purpose and elevate your mindset so you overcome struggles and more easily achieve your business and life goals, experiencing more love, joy, freedom, abundance and fun. To apply, click the button below.


 Destiny Force ACADEMY

90-DAY Group Coaching

Limit 10

This School is for the Action-Taker ready to stop talking and finally launch your dream biz, book or project or get a new promotion. Enroll in this hands-on 90-day group coaching program with up to 9 other Spirit-led, prayer-driven, entrepreneurial women to launch deeper into your divine destiny. You'll get the guidance, strategies, support and accountability you need to achieve your goals. To apply click the button below.

Destiny Force

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For Serious Action-Takers

This 5-month Mentoring Program is ONLY for those hungry to launch into a new dimension of personal, spiritual and financial growth in business and life. Get ready to kiss those mental gremlins good-bye! Gain new confidence and resilience as you accelerate in building your business by faith transforming into the successful biz woman and leader God has created you to be!

Coach KG, who is also a Pastor, Prayer Teacher, Author, Award-winning Sales Pro and Motivational Speaker with over 20 years of experience selling $15 million dollars (for Fortune 500 companies, small businesses and her own businesses) will pour into you all that she has learned to help you achieve your goals faster.

Her wisdom, knowledge and experience alone will save you countless hours of mistakes, money and tears and help you build a solid foundation in your business and life so you don't have to sacrifice one over the other. Mentoring with the right leader is a proven way to achieve your goals faster. Sign up below to get on the waiting list.