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I'm passionate about emboldening prayer-driven women to stop just talking about their dreams and goals and launch. I lead women to accomplish this in three main ways: 


  • By guiding you through life's seasons to re-clarify your purpose and launch into your destiny through prayer, biblical success principles and business strategies.

  • By showing you how to conquer negative thoughts and emotions like fear, procrastination and perfectionism with courageous, confident thinking and strategic action in line with your  life vision.

  • By helping you light the fire to launch your own "rocket to freedom and wealth" by designing and implementing your own personalized destiny road map to success in your terms. 


This is why I started  Rocket 2 Freedom, A Motivational Company. It is your "launching pad to success". We empower faith-based entrepreneurial women to blast through obstacles to achieve their life goals.​ 

Why Coach KG & Rocket 2 Freedom? 

Born on what some in the world might call the wrong side of the tracks, I know what it's like to overcome mental and emotional obstacles like fear, shame, low self-esteem, poverty and inferiority. 

I know what's it like to be ignored, devalued and overlooked as if you are invisible without a fingerprint denying the unique essence of your humanity. God created you with a purpose and destiny that you must rise up and meet.


Evicting mental gremlins, negative mindsets and emotional baggage is part of the process to manifest your greatness, if you desire to fulfill your divine purpose. KG and Rocket 2 Freedom is the Launching Pad to your success.


It is designed specifically to lead Spirit-led business women (that love God and prayer, compassionate, creative, action-takers that may struggle with procrastination and self-worth, results-oriented, gifted, athletic, intelligent and philanthropic) into their greatness. How long are you going to sit on fence of indecision and dream about launching your dream business, ministry or project? We'd love to help you rocket to freedom in business and wealth to fulfill your destiny. 

Why work with Coach KG & Rocket 2 Freedom? 


A God-inspired company, we care about you and your success! I've invested in 1,000's of dollars in coaching, tools and numerous online training programs to build my business. I've learned what I want to receive as a client and the type of VIP service I'd like.


At Rocket 2 Freedom, we will go the extra mile if you put some skin in the game to provide you with a positive, supportive experience on your journey. Here are some things that make us unique: 

  • We understand that success in business and life is 90% attitude so we provide both spiritual mindset along with the "how-to" coaching and training so you don't have to evict those gremlins alone. This is our biggest differentiator for empowering our clients. 

  • We offer quality programs, products, services, support and customer service. 

  • When it comes to "tech", we got you covered. Although we do not perform technical services, we will provide you with resources so you don't feel stuck and we won't charge you extra. 

  • We do not allow profanity or negative talk on our platforms providing you with a peaceful, professional, positive work environment. 

  • We offer our 30-Day"No-Fuss" Guarantee.  As long as you can submit proof of assignment completions, if you feel you have not learned anything from our program, we will refund your money. 

And you can always reach out to me, Coach KG, if you have a problem.  I enjoy coaching, speaking, training, consulting and praying for and with my clients to give you the best value and return on your investment as you launch your new business, ministry or project. At Rocket 2 Freedom, we understand that if you aren't successful, neither are we. We'd be thrilled to help you take next steps to launch your dream business, ministry or project.


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