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Why Coach KG & Rocket 2 Freedom Consulting? 

Born on what some call the wrong side of the tracks, I know what it's like to overcome the fear of speaking and selling due to low self-esteem, a poverty mindset, and a lack of knowledge, which is why I started Rocket 2 Freedom Consulting. ​We help coaches, consultants, entrepreneurs and sales teams master fear to increase confidence, customers/clients and cash flow. Why work with Coach KG and Rocket 2 Freedom Consulting ?  

As an award-winning, Fortune 500 sales leader and speaker, certified coach, minister, wife and mother, I know the mindset, perseverance, knowledge and strategies essential to sell your ideas, products, and services. I also have access to award-winning peers and partners to collaborate and consult to provide winning solutions for my clients and customers. In addition to having over 20 years of sales experience, I invest thousands of dollars in coaching, training, education and mentoring to stay on the cutting edge to provide transformational sales and leadership coaching, training, and consulting to empower my clients and customers to achieve results. Here are a few ways we deliver value at R2FC: 


  • ​We offer biblically-based, transformational, practical coaching, training and consulting vital to success in business and life because we know from experience sales and business success is 80% attitude aligned with values and 20% consistent strategic action. 

  • Although we do not perform technical services, we do provide technical resources to help you install the right systems necessary to operate your business.

  • We provide a positive environment to nurture, encourage and challenge you to shatter comfort zones to build your dream business. 

  • We offer a 30-Day No-Fuss Guarantee, refunding all of your money, if you truly feel you have not received value from utilizing our programs and submit proof of completing all assignments.


​The bottom line. At Rocket 2 Freedom, we understand if you are not successful, we are not. We believe your relationship with us should always be a win-win. We would be thrilled to partner with you to fulfill your business calling to live your real life. Click here to set up your complimentary 30-minute Sales Audit.

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