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God planted the seed of Rocket 2 Freedom into my heart in 2011 during a soul-searching career transition.  I remember sitting on the floor in prayer talking to God as He whisked me down memory lane when I was 9-years old in Mrs. Walters 4th grade class at Walker Elementary in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. Mrs. Walters was also my mom's fourth grade teacher.  About Rocket 2 Freedom (R2F). It is a motivational company based in Anchorage, Alaska, exuding the vibrant spirit of pioneering and trailblazing Our mission is to:

  • Empower coaches, consultants, entrepreneurs and sales teams to master fear to get more confidence, clients/customers, and cash to fulfill your business destiny. 

  • Provide business, sales, communications and leadership consulting, training and coaching services to individuals and small-to-medium businesses, corporations and non-profits to increase revenues and fulfill your mission and vision. 

  • Guide you through life’s inevitable storms by helping you define, refine, and re-invent to fulfill your purpose and destiny through entrepreneurship. 


 Back to my story ....

Mrs. Walters, my fourth grade teacher, gave me the leading role in a school play that changed my life forever.  I was Madame X from a distant planet. In the final scene as I ran around the stage shouting "rocket to freedom, rocket to freedom, rocket to freedom," I shifted from darkness into light as the fear, shame and anxiety I had been carrying dropped from my shoulders. I was FREE to be me!  A fire was lit in my heart that day to continue breaking free from negative emotions, such as fear, rejection, poverty and low self-worth to pursue my purpose and destiny no matter what. 


Rocket 2 Freedom is built upon the transcendent foundation of biblical success principles. R2F is "your launching pad to success," blasting through limiting beliefs to become a successful business leader. If you're ready to overcome fear of selling, click here to set your FREE 30-minute Sales Audit. It could change your life forever. 

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