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God planted the seed of Rocket 2 Freedom into my heart soil in 2011 during a soul-searching career transition.  I remember sitting on the floor in my prayer closet talking to Daddy God and weeping as He whisked me down memory lane to when I was a nine-year old girl in Mrs. Walters 4th grade class at Walker Elementary in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. Mrs. Walters was also my mom's fourth grade teacher. 


About Rocket 2 Freedom (R2F). It is a motivational company based in Anchorage, Alaska, exuding the vibrant spirit and energy of a pioneer and trailblazer. Our mission is to:

  • Empower entrepreneurs, sales professionals, and business and ministry leaders to master the fear of speaking and selling to get more confidence, clients, and cash to fulfill your destiny. 

  • Provide business, sales, and leadership consulting services to small and medium businesses, corporations, non-profits, and churches to increase revenues and fulfill your mission and vision. 

  • Guide you through navigating life’s inevitable disruptions by helping you define, refine, and re-invent yourself to fulfill your purpose and destiny through entrepreneurship. 


I’m a Spiritual Empowerment Speaker, Author, Business Growth, Sales, Leadership, and Life Strategist, Prayer Teacher, Minister, and award-winning, Fortune 500 Sales Expert that has helped thousands of students and clients start new businesses, ministries, and other endeavors and get the confidence to speak and sell to expand their territories. 


Back to my story ....


Mrs. Walters, my fourth grade teacher, gave me the leading role in a school play that changed my life forever.  The name of the character was Madame X and she was from a distant planet. In the final scene as I ran around the perimeter of the stage passionately shouting "rocket to freedom, rocket to freedom, rocket to freedom," I shifted from darkness into the light as the fear, shame, anxiety and weight of the world I had been carrying was removed from my shoulders. I was FREE to be me!  


A fire was lit in my heart to break free of fear, rejection, shame, poverty, low self-worth and other negative emotions to pursue my purpose and destiny no matter what and empower others by example to do the same. The way God has wired me to do this is through prayer, sales, speaking, writing, and entrepreneurship. 


Rocket 2 Freedom is built upon the transcendent foundation of proven spiritual principles and delights like faith, prayer, diligence, perseverance, and biblical success principles. I call R2F "your launching pad to success," helping you blast away limiting beliefs to launch your own freedom-based business and fearlessly sell and promote YOU and your products and services to your "right-fit" clients and customers creating wealth. 


If you're ready to launch deeper into your business destiny and overcome the fear of speaking and selling, click here to set your FREE 30-minute Strategy Session. This small investment could change your life forever. 

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