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Are you tired of letting a negative mindset steal the fulfillment of your purpose and destiny in business and life as you watch the years fly by that you can never get back? Would you like to stop the madness, master your mindset and create an action plan to light your "rocket to freedom and wealth" in business and life? I'd love to talk to you to see if I'd be a good fit to help you launch your dream business, ministry, book or project, Click the link below to schedule your FREE Strategy Call with me today!

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Alma Krause, Worship Flag Minister &

Retired Teacher, Alaska

I first met Karen at a woman's retreat in the fall of 2010. She has the ability to see the God-given potential in a person and bring it out in them. I was inspired at that retreat to become a student in her dance school. Karen called me what I hadn't yet become, thus encouraging me to enter one ministry training program in 2011 and another in 2012, where I received dance minister credentials. 

— Minister Alma Krause, Retired Teacher and Founder of Sincerely

His Ministries, Alaska