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Pray Now: A Guide To A Richer Prayer Life


In Pray Now: A Guide To A Richer Prayer Life, you'll experience prayer that transcends this world because with prayer you step into God's supernatural realm experiencing love and power. In Pray Now, you will:

  • Learn to hear God's voice for yourself so you receive wisdom, direction, ideas and aha moments.

  • Get healing and breakthroughs of the heart.

  •  Learn prayer secrets so you get answers when you pray

  • Crystallize your identity so you seize your destiny!  

  • Get a FREE Prayer Audio Training when you order my book PRAY NOW today.


PRAYER. Many people want to experience greater joy and obtain more answers when they pray.

PRAY NOW is a guide to a richer prayer life that will help everyone from beginner to seasoned intercessor.

From prayer foundations to keys of prayer, Karen Gardner guides you on an exciting discovery of prayer secrets that will help you hit the bulls-eye when you pray. 

Your prayer life will be energized as you commune  with God, experiencing supernatural intimacy in His Presence.


"Pray Now is the ideal play book 
for anyone who wants to 

win the battle in prayer. The strategies 
are valuable, insight revelatory, 

and results amazing. Not to 

mention, Pastor Karen's 

transparency about her 

own experiences in prayer is 

sure to stir you to not only 

another level in your prayer life, 

but in your prayer walk with 

God. It's a win-win!" 

— Leslyn Johnson, Coach, Georgia 

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